Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just from 1 € / space a month... that's great!!!

Are you looking for new CUSTOMERS for your activity? 

Advertise your company, your service or your product has never been easier.
From 1 € / space per month you will have the following services:
- Web Banner on;
- constant presence in all major Social Networks in the market with a constant visibility of millions of users;
- concrete visibility through a global e-mail marketing, first ensuring the delivery of e-mail in your territory and in the main market with which your company produces or wants to start business;
- constant study of business development to bring the website to scale in a short time the positions of all the best search engine in the current system.
From September, will be active two additional services:
- through the major Social Networks and the new company blog, we will manage the calendar of events, presentation of products, company promotions and any other form of advertising your company decides to undertake;
- through our company blog, you can advertise all that your business wants to communicate; our company will do it for you!
Add value to your business and choose ONEMILLIONEUROCOMPANIES.COM

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