Saturday, September 29, 2012

Atelier Kairòs

Atelier KAIRòS
Via Grotta Pinta, 19 - 00186 - Roma - IT
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Mobile.: +393477026237

Kairòs Atelier was born in Rome in 2010 and was immediately rewarded by the Province of Rome with a special award for innovation and creativity. With a chain across craft and the choice to focus on the Made in Italy, we take care of the entire creative process: we design and manufacture, clothing for dance and ice skating, those for training in valuable pieces for exhibitions and competitions.
The small collection presented here is for those who want wearable clothes and enhance the figure, with slip lines suitable for everyone. Skirts, dresses, blouses that create movement and can also be worn on many occasions.
We also present a couple of dresses from Latin American dances that stand out for the wonderful blue color.
The practice clothes for girls combine portability with vibrant colors.
The black lace dress with over one thousand Swarovski, received a cup at recent event of skating in Bologna, with a special jury prize.
Kairòs Atelier will be at the international competition of dance sport "Ancona Open" on 5-6-7 of October with its own stand where you can see a more extensive collection.

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